Hi from Chicago

I was in Chicago for a photography seminar but I managed to get some of the city in as well.  Chicago has a great metropolitan feel about it.  It’s clean (coming from NY it’s always a surprise to see that big cities can be clean) and plenty to see do and see.   I met a wonderful family for a photo session while I was there, funny thing the Mom is from Monsey, what a small world.

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Petite Sessions – May 21 & June 11

Here’s the scoop: Petite sessions are $100, include an 11×14 and are about 15 minutes of lots of fun at a designated outdoor location.  Online gallery with at least 10 fabulous images and all studio prints and products will be available for purchase a la carte.

Limited slots available, RSVP ASAP.

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Visiting Toronto

It’s been over 2 decades since I’ve been to Toronto, I spent a wonderful summer there but haven’t been back since.   Toronto is a great city, with something for everyone.

I started at the beautiful home of my client, the mission was to capture the 5 visiting grandkids (under the age of 2.5), with a little help from ‘Mr. Jelly Bean’, ‘Mr. Bubble’ and ‘Slap me 5’ mission accomplished.

From there I was off to the natural light studio of my dear friend Josee Caza for a session with the funnest (grammar?) family ever.  Meirav was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah with her ten year old twins brothers, Avi and Koby, and adorable 6 year old sister, Kayla.  They are all pro’s, I was lucky enough to photography them almost 2 years ago in New York.

After that session I went to the Art & Design District with Josee, stopping at the ‘Brooklyn’ bar to make me feel at home, passing the funky Drake Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel and it’s next door ‘General Store’, which sells antique items and just enjoying the outdoors and stopping in various galleries.

While I was enjoying the city scene, my plane was getting ready to take off back to NY, I was scheduled for 20:00 which I didn’t put much thought into, it’s at 10:00pm, right?  Wrong!!  I realized too late.  Travel is not without it’s challenges, being away from my family and it’s totally exhausting but still I love it.  I love it so much I will be back on flight out to Chicago this upcoming Sunday.  Stay tuned.

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Welcome Daniel Chagai

My dear friend, Naama, got the best birthday present EVER, her son was born on her birthday.  Here he is only a week, getting to know his sister (who has been a regular visitor to my blog and website).

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When a boy becomes a man

This morning my son, Mendel, put on Tefillin for the first time.  According to Jewish custom a boy becomes a man at the age of 13, his Bar Mitzvah.  Once he is 13 he is required to put on Tefillin every day.  As is tradition in our family, the boys start putting Tefillin on 60 days before their actual Bar Mitzvah.  This is a very father/son type of experience, but I was up at the crack of dawn with my camera in hand to record this momentous occasion.  It was beautiful and emotional. Dini Groner3

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Here is Mendel feeling really good after saying a traditional ‘Mymer’ flawlessly.

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