Photography has been my passion for over twenty years. When I was fifteen, I bought my first roll of black and white film- before it was a fad- and I was hooked. Photography has become a way for me to use skill and creativity to convey so much in one picture perfect photo. I became fascinated with still photography. Over time, I also sought to capture photographic images that could tell a story, convey a mood, and preserve the feelings of the moment.

My professional training began at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where I took my first photography class. I immediately loved the magic and creativity that enfolds in the dark room. I bought my first SLR manual focus camera from a classmate. It was like learning to drive a car with manual transmission (which is how I learned how to drive, on a manual Saab 900 - but I digress). Working on manual forced me to become very familiar with the mechanics of the camera, making it an extension of my hand.

Over time, I turned my passion into my livelihood. My specialty is candid portrait photography. At every portrait session, I aim to capture the spirit and the mood of the individual or group. I work to capture the thrill, excitement, wonder, seriousness or curiosity of my subjects. Mood, lighting and props help bring it all together. I aim for a casual and comfortable feel. I like eye contact, but sometimes it's better if you are looking at each other or away or squeezing your eyes closed. I want my photos to express your essence.

My goal is to produce photographs that preserve your memories today so that you can reflect on them tomorrow. Nothing can compare to the grateful hug I received from a grandmother who exclaimed- 'Thank you Dini! I can not express how you have totally captured my grandkids' and how precious this is to me!