Boy To Man

He has the twinkle of youth in his eyes.

Peter Pan?  I don’t think so.  There’s no chance of him running away to Never-Never Land.

He looks like he’s ready to take on the cutthroat world of manhood;

he’s looking it right in the eye.

I can’t believe I’ve been photographing this young man since he was seven!

Mazal tov on your Bar Mitzvah, Mr. B.



A 6 lettered word that has so many different meanings.

You love them.

You can’t spend too much time with them; yet you can’t stay away for too long either.

But it’s the in between moments that make it all worth it.

Everyone is doing their own thing while pleasantly enjoying the company of three generations.

 This has to be a very special way to spend your Thanksgiving morning.

Dimple Chic

They say it’s not easy to be beautiful, but this chic, little girl makes it look like it is.

Fully decked out in all of fall’s essentials:

Knitted, feather hat- check!

Cute, warm sweater- check!

 And how can we forget the twinkly eyes, the big smile, and, of course, the dimples…but, these are chic in every season.

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving!

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Gobble, gobble!

The Body Guards

Nothing says “built-in-body-guard” like two older brothers who simply adore their little sister. Yup, she’s got it good; mommy’s little angel and she’s got two big, excited brothers.

It’s easy to see why they’re so eager to welcome her into the family.

Oh, Sandy!

Lovely girls surrounded by nature’s lovely fall colors.

Luckily, I took advantage of these cozy pom-pom hat and knit sweater clad girls playing in little bits of Autumn heaven before Sandy came and swept it all away.

That’s not the only thing she took; anyone else trying to carry on with out power?

But that seems to be the least of the Sandy’s devastation, she managed to leave thousands without homes and cars.

It feels like this could be something like the apocalypse.

But not really, there is a silver lining in this mess, it gives us some time to connect with our families and communities.

When else do we get ask our neighbors for an extension cord and have to spend time connecting it and testing if it works?

It surely allows for more bonding than the usual cup of sugar.

Hope everyone managed to stay dry and warm, and that we see the end of this soon!

Dini Groner 09Dini Groner 104Dini Groner 99

Dini Groner 45

Autumn Bliss

The girls were full of playful giggles as they clung to the rustic tire swing for dear life. Who wouldn’t be, surrounded by the brilliant colors of autumn bliss?

Dini Groner 102

Dini Groner 100

Dini Groner 101

Autumn Petite Session ~ 2012

Dini Groner 26

Autumn Petite Sessions are here!

Dates: Wednesday, Isru Chag, October 10 & Sunday, October 21

Where: Rockland County, NY

$135 plus tax

Petite Session is a 20 minute session and it includes a web gallery of photos and an 11×14 print.

RSVP by email to: or 917-375-5320

Dog Days are over…

Summer is not officially over, but the dog days are definitely over.

Who remembers the dog days of July, 95-100 degrees F were the norm.

Kids are back in school, schedules back on track.

And I’m back spending a lot of facetime with my computer screen.

Until next time,


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