Autumn portraits in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Seasons change pretty quickly; the colors come and go. I read a quote by Albert Camus “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, the colors are just breathtaking. We got lucky this past Sunday; the weather was amazing, the leaves have just changed colors and Chana was ready for the spotlight.

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Win a free portrait session by Dini Groner – Monsey, NY Photographer

Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas is having their annual Chinese Auction on Monday, November 9th at the Atrium, at 7:30 PM. For ten dollars, you can purchase a ticket for the chance to win a free portrait session and support Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas. There will be a delicious buffet and sushi bar, and lively entertainment by the Monsey Players. Yehudit Gelbein will be the featured Parent Speaker. Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas is an amazing school for children with special needs. The level of care and individualized attention given to each child is truly inspirational. You can check out all the fabulous prizes, purchase tickets, and learn more about the school at

To purchase tickets over the phone, call:  DAY: Chana Leah – 845.425.1849  EVENING: Risa – 845.362.2375

I had the pleasure of photographing Yehudit’s family this summer. Many of the photos from this session will be featured in a slideshow during Yehudit’s presentation. Here are a couple.

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It’s still summer here :) – Rockland County Kids Photographer

I’m still working on summer orders and since I was so busy during the summer I’ll be sharing lots of summer portraits in the next couple of weeks.  These were taken in right on the Hudson, I’m always looking for great locations, this time we went south to Piermont.  Great place to take your family for a picnic.  Talking about families, this family was so much fun.  We connected as soon as we drove up to the pier and had a lot of fun all through the session.

dini groner3

dini groner12

Dini Groner29

dini groner14

Boys will be Boys

These 3 little rascals were so much fun.  And everything is more fun with balloons!  I got the balloons from Inflated Creations, they are so creative with balloons.  At this summer special we started off with a rainbow of color and by the time we were up to these kids we were left with the perfect combination of colors.  I love how the balloons bring life to the portrait.

Dini Groner35

Dini Groner34

Ayala @ 5

Finally, my new BLOG! I’ve been working on this for a while but it’s hard to find time for the blog when I have portraits session to work up… but finally…ready or not…. here it is.  This is a work in progress and will be tweaked in the next couple of week so keep checking.

Ayala is a precocious girl, ready for the big screen if you know what I mean.  She had lots of ideas and as always I let her lead the way.