Dini Groner Photography – Children & Family Photographer, New York, NY

It’s that time of year again – I am offering a session to one lucky winner thru the Ohr V’daas Chinese Auction.

Please help support Ohr V’Daas by coming to the event, Tuesday, November 8, you will not be disappointed (hint: come hungry).

If you can’t make it you can order tickets online.

Ohr V’daas is a Special Ed school in Rockland County that services children with special needs.  They are incredibly devoted to each and every child and they would like to be able to accept more students but their building is too small.  They are desparately in need of a new building and since they are a religious school they can only get minimal funding so proceeds from events like the Chinese Auction directly impact each child.


Here is one from the Autumn Petite Session, I call her Little Red Riding Hood.

Dini Groner 175