Autumn Bliss

The girls were full of playful giggles as they clung to the rustic tire swing for dear life. Who wouldn’t be, surrounded by the brilliant colors of autumn bliss?

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Autumn Petite Session ~ 2012

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Autumn Petite Sessions are here!

Dates: Wednesday, Isru Chag, October 10 & Sunday, October 21

Where: Rockland County, NY

$135 plus tax

Petite Session is a 20 minute session and it includes a web gallery of photos and an 11×14 print.

RSVP by email to: or 917-375-5320

Dog Days are over…

Summer is not officially over, but the dog days are definitely over.

Who remembers the dog days of July, 95-100 degrees F were the norm.

Kids are back in school, schedules back on track.

And I’m back spending a lot of facetime with my computer screen.

Until next time,


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Herzog Food & Wine to benefit Renewal

Last night I attended the Herzog Food & Wine Tasting to benefit Renewal on the Tribeca Rooftop in NYC it was a gala event at which many of New York & New Jersey’s finest Kosher restaurants presented their latest dishes alongside premium wine from Herzog Wine Cellars.

I was proud to be a sponsor for the cause.  Renewal is an organization that matches kidney donors with kidney recipients.

It was a spectacular evening with lots of surprises and beautiful touches.

At the event, I was approached by Peshie N who introduced herself to me.  She mentioned that after a long, tiring day, one of the places she turns to to relax is my blog.  That’s when I started to feel bad, my poor neglected blog, it’s been months since I’ve been here.  When I first started my journey into the digital world, I was able to connect with so many people via the blog.

Then along came facebook.

It gets to be too much sometimes, keeping up with all the networks out there.  At the end of the day, I prefer to hang out with my kids then sit another 30 minutes at the computer, thus, pushing off the blog post over and over.

Well, here it is!  I will try to be here once a week from here onward 🙂

2110131B1c18171925261E30223334A donor and benefactor


Spring/Summer Petite Session Dates Announced


Petite Session $135 plus tax


-Presession Consultation

-20 Minute Private Session

-Gallery To View Photos

-11×14 Print

-10% Discount Off Additional Prints Ordered

Early Bird Special: Book by May 1, 2012 and get a digital image of the 11×14.


Mother’s DaySunday, May 13, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Friday, June 15 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

September date to be announced.

RSVP here or call 917-375-5320.

Creating A Wall Collage – Children Photographer, Monsey, NY

Dear Friends,

Most of the time when I run into my clients I hear how much they are enjoying their portraits.  But every once in a while I bump into someone and they will mention that their photos are still in the box in the closet…
6 months later.

I understand them.

Putting a nail into the wall is one of the most intimidating acts, seriously.
This is where an interior designer can be a great help. Choosing frames, with mat or without mat, what type of clusters, sizes, color and/or black and white.  So many decisions and a good eye can bring it all together.  I invited Interior Designer, Naomi Weinstein, to share her wall design for Stacey B.  This was no simple task. The collection included 12×24 family photo, an 11×14, several 8×10’s and 5×7’s.  Stacey is estatic with the results,

“I love the overall effect of combining photos from several
different family sessions over the years into one eclectic gallery.”

Everyone can use inspiration, even when you are getting a professional to help, it’s a good idea to look around and find a style that suits you and your home.  One new internet option is Pinterest.  Some of you might already have joined and know what I’m talking about, so look for me and follow me, I created a board with lots of great ideas for hanging your photos.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, send me an email and I’ll send you a invite.
Until next time,



Creating a Photo Collage

By Naomi Weinstein


Completing a photo shoot with Dini is just the beginning. The next step in the process of documenting your family is selecting which shots to print, in what sizes, and where to hang them in your home. I’m often asked to assist my interior design clients in mapping out their photos in a way which showcases the pictures as well as complements their homes.

Stacey had done several photo shoots with Dini over the past few years but had yet to hang anything on the wall. With a stack of prints we set out to create an eclectic collage which would best capture her family.

We began by mapping out an arrangement of photos using different size prints with space to add non-photo decorative elements. With our prints and layout in hand we headed to the store to choose frames.

Using a combination of custom and off-the-shelf frames we assembled a scheme with a variety of styles in unifying color tones.

Recreating the sketched layout on the wall took some effort but the results were worthwhile


To add to the sense of whimsy, we placed two 8×10 photos in “frameless” frames and hung them within a larger frame. The celery wall color peaks through in place of a matte.

Decorative accents add a personal touch to the scheme.

Layering frames, matte, and fillets creates a bridge between the photo and the wall.
Naomi Weinstein, an interior designer based in Rockland County, New York and can be reached at, 845-641-3748, or onFacebook.

Thank you Naomi for sharing your insight on this.

Dini Groner Photography – Children & Family Photographer, New York, NY

It’s that time of year again – I am offering a session to one lucky winner thru the Ohr V’daas Chinese Auction.

Please help support Ohr V’Daas by coming to the event, Tuesday, November 8, you will not be disappointed (hint: come hungry).

If you can’t make it you can order tickets online.

Ohr V’daas is a Special Ed school in Rockland County that services children with special needs.  They are incredibly devoted to each and every child and they would like to be able to accept more students but their building is too small.  They are desparately in need of a new building and since they are a religious school they can only get minimal funding so proceeds from events like the Chinese Auction directly impact each child.


Here is one from the Autumn Petite Session, I call her Little Red Riding Hood.

Dini Groner 175